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Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith


Vision Statement
To see students equipped for eternity and prepared for tomorrow. Toward this end FWCS focuses on the development of the mind, heart, and will of every student.

Mission Statement
FWCS exists to develop mature Christian disciples who will be academically, emotionally, and spiritually equipped to be productive citizens of the Kingdom of God as they live among the kingdom of men. Toward this end FWCS integrates intellectual, spiritual, and pragmatic features into its program.

Spiritual Statement 
FWCS desires to see every student put their faith and hope in the Gospel of Jesus; to see every student live their lives in faithfulness to God by being filled with the Holy Spirit; and to see every student living in fellowship with other believers. FWCS operates from a Christian worldview, and although we do not require attending students to be believers, we purposely strive for them to become followers of Christ.

Academic Statement
FWCS is an integrated academic program that incorporates a Biblical worldview, foundational learning skills, critical thinking, character development, and life pragmatics. In K-1st, students are exposed to a range of subjects, but the primary focus is for them to have foundational skills in math and reading. In 2nd-3rd, students begin making a transition from learning to read to reading to learn and from exposure to certain subjects to more of an in depth dive into those subjects. In 4th-5th, students are expected to engage all subjects academically and to work independently.  As 6th graders, students think critically, problem solve, and research to present written expressions and projects.

Behavior Statement 
FWCS operates on values of respect, responsibility, self-control, and accountability. Toward this end, FWCS expects students, guardians, and faculty to treat every person with respect and kindness; to do their work in a way that is responsible; to be manageable in behavior and conduct; and to be accountable for their actions.