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FWCS is an integrated academic program that incorporates a Biblical worldview, foundational learning skills, critical thinking, character development, and life pragmatics. Toward this end, FWCS incorporates elements of classical, Biblical, and modern forms of education. In preschool children learn fine motor skills, self-care, and self-control. They are exposed to art, music, Spanish, numbers, and letters. In preschool, the four-year old students are preparing for kindergarten by learning their numbers, letters, sounds, and blends. In K-1st, students are exposed to a range of subjects but the primary focus for them is to have foundational skills in math and reading. In 2nd-3rd, students begin making a transition from learning to read to reading to learn and from exposure to certain subjects to more of a focus in those subjects. In 4th-6th, students are expected to engage all subjects academically and to be able to do independent work.


Our curriculum is designed to move students from foundational learning skills (reading, writing, math) to independent learning across a wide scope of academic engagement (history, science, art, music, language) to critical thinking (logic, scientific method, apologetics) to creative engagement (literature, economics, speech, etc.). Throughout our program we also put a strong emphasis on moral and spiritual development. 

 FWCS's basic curriculum covers the following subject areas:




Biblical Studies

History/Social Studies


Scientific Method




Computer Science



Physical Education 

Sign Language